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Permanent Vinyl from 2in to 22in


Description example:


1) Font: Artis/ Name: Emily M. / Color: Purple

2) Monogram 7 / CWS / Pink

3) Upload a clear PNG picture of a simple design to be made / Color: Orange / Height: 3in


Size is based on length, and the lettering doesn't look stretched; if you have a specific height, please include it in the description.



Extra strong adhesive on smooth surfaces like glass, metal, cups, mugs & desks, etc.

Not meant for fabric!



Water resistance allows users to apply it to projects indoors and outdoors.

Permanent vinyl is guaranteed to last up to 5 years indoors & 3 years outdoors.


Time Frame: Made-to-order 3-5 days

Permanent Vinyl Decal

PriceFrom $3.00
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