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Crochet, Tumblers, Shirts and Sweaters! 

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About Us

From the moment we opened our doors in 2023, Armonia Creative Studio, LLC has been offering customers the best choices at unbeatable prices. Our brand encourages working with the best manufacturers to get the best price for our customers and we work hard to keep developing fine-quality products that last. Find all that you've been looking for—scroll through our vast selection today.

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Woman Owned Business

Hispanic & Veteran Owned

   As a Latina woman and veteran, I'm on a mission to turn dreams into reality through the art of handmade items. Drawing from my diverse experiences and rich cultural heritage, I pour my passion into every stitch, every design put together, & every creation I craft.

With a determination forged in the crucible of service and sacrifice, I've embarked on this journey to not only build my dream but also to inspire others to pursue theirs. Each handmade piece is a testament to resilience, creativity, and the power of perseverance.


   Through my work, I strive to celebrate the beauty of tradition while embracing innovation and individuality. Whether it's through intricate crochet pieces, vibrant t-shirts, or whimsical tumblers, each item carries a piece of my story and a message of empowerment.

With Love,

-Emily Merriman

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